Show Appreciation...

Our Weekly 2 Minute Read

Edition 115 - September 27, 2020

If there is a good quality about someone you know or if you see a person doing a good job on a particular project, remember to show honest and sincere appreciation.

The ability to show honest and sincere appreciation is a very valuable skill to develop.

Usually when we don’t like something that someone did, there is a natural tendency to want to criticize or complain about the mistakes that person made.

When the same person does something good, we tend to not say anything about it.

Learning to show honest and sincere appreciation is very valuable when dealing with people.

It was a skill that made Charles Schwab one of the most successful leaders in the steel industry in the 1900s when he became President of the Carnegie Steel Company.

Schwab’s philosophy was to arouse enthusiasm from people by giving honest appreciation and encouragement.

He would seldom criticize people for their shortcomings or failures.

He believed that people working in a culture of appreciation and encouragement overtime would do better than a culture of criticism.

Schwab built and rebuilt multiple steels companies such as the first United States Steel Company and Bethlehem Steel and turned them into one of the most profitable companies in America at the time.

This was mainly due to his skill of showing honest and sincere appreciation to his people.

Not to confuse appreciation with flattery, which is telling people what they want to hear but you don’t really mean it.

Appreciation is finding the good in people and honestly acknowledging it; that was the skill that allowed people like Charles Schwab and Andrew Carnegie to build empires during the early 20th century.


-Mike Ye