How Do You Get Buy-In From Your Team?

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Edition 62 - September 8, 2019


Leading a sales team can be difficult at times especially if you’ve never had any prior experiences before. That was my first thought when I first had to lead a team of 30+ people as the campaign manager for a fortune 500 client.

I was thinking to myself what if I didn’t do the right things; and even worst, I wouldn’t be able to do things right. All the worst thoughts usually come when you do something new for the very first time without a track record of success.

However, I remember the words of Stephen Covey saying that “the job of a leader is to build a complementary team where every strength is made effective and each weakness is made irrelevant.”

And that “the commitment of the team begins with the commitment of the leader.”

Those two lessons were the guidance I needed to commit myself to do the best I could to help the team create a track record of successes.

To keep things short, I was able to run a million-dollar campaign and at the time we became the number one team in the entire campaign.

The lessons I took from that experience was whenever you feel like you are uncomfortable, that is the time where you grow. One must learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable in order to enjoy the fruits of a growing tree. Climbing the tree to get the fruit is usually uncomfortable.

Another lesson I learned was how important systems were. Even though I was the campaign manager at the time for the number team in the campaign, I felt like anyone could have been the campaign manager and still would have seen the same success. The reason is that the leader of the company had put in the right systems in place so that the manager just had to follow the systems and success would follow. All I had to do was to identify the strengths of each member of the team and direct him or her to play to their strengths. When a team has every individual in the right positions playing to their strengths, the weakness tends to not show up. That was the case with this team.

In order to have a smooth operating business, one must have great management. However in order to make sure that the business is headed in the right direction, one must have great leadership. Peter Drucker who is considered “the founder of modern management” once said, “Management is doing things right, but leadership is doing the right things.” I find this to be true especially in business.

If a leader does the right things for a company, the company will ultimately go in the right direction. And with the right systems in place, the company will run smoothly.

Just my thoughts on management and leadership.