A New Decade?!? How Can We Guarantee Success in the 2020s...

Our Weekly 2 Minute Read

Edition 77 - December 22, 2019

Here we are.

Already the end of 2019 and a little over a week away from 2020.

Not only is a new year around the corner, but a new decade.

It's crazy to think back to the year 2010. (That was the year I graduated high school!)

But we can only continue to look forward.

So how do we guarantee a successful 2020s?

Simple answer - we can't guarantee anything.

However, we can maximize our potential by having a solid foundation.

Foundations are built on habits.

Habits are built on choices.

Luckily, your choices are controlled by you.

Making the right choice is not easy.

But mastering making the right choices is the goal.

The person who makes the least wrong choices will ultimately be a winner.

Think about it -

Stocks, fitness, finance, relationships...

You make the right choice, you find yourself winning.

You make the wrong choice, you find yourself working extra hard just to come back to where you were in the first place.

As the calendar turns, let's get right to choose right.

See you all in 2020!