A Whole Year Difference?

Our Weekly 2 Minute Read

Edition 156 - July 25, 2021


The start of the 2021 Olympics is here.

Oddly enough, COVID caused the Olympics to occur during an odd-numbered year.

Even then, there's no guarantee we'll see the whole thing through with the still-present coronavirus.

But kudos to the athletes who are still competing.

Many could have given up their dreams and called it quits last year when the Olympics were postponed.

Imagine training your entire life for one particular dream only to watch it delayed with no guarantee of return.

Even worse, these athletes know they only get one shot every four years.

Talk about patience.

Low-key, we know they were disappointed.

But any competitive athlete knows that inner competitive drive will continue to push them along.

So while there was always an option to stop training, the great ones continue to train and use the extra year to get even better.

Always refining their skills.

Always refining their minds.

After all, the difference in these Olympic Games between winning and losing could come down to as little 0.1 seconds.

-Brandon Kuey