Another Legend Retires...

Our Weekly 2 Minute Read

Edition 121 - November 8, 2020


Last week marked a legendary end to one of the greatest UFC Champion’s of all time; Anderson “The Spider’ Silva.

At UFC Vegas 12, Silva went against Uriah Hall which would end up in a 4th round knockout delivered from Hall to Silva.

As an avid UFC fan, Silva was one of my favorite fighters that got me into watching the UFC.

It was tough to see a legend at the end of his career going out the way that he did, but it was wonderful to see the reaction that everyone had towards him.

Every fighter showed love and respect towards Silva for the fight and the work that he has done for the sport.

Even Hall at the end of the fight commented “I’m sorry. You’re the reason why I’m doing this. You’re still one of the greatest.”

Silva in his prime was one of the most exciting fighters to watch, breaking records at the time in the middle weight division winning fight after fight in a row 17 times and usually in spectacular fashion.

It was like he was in the matrix or was spiderman.

He was humble and kind to the people around him outside the octagon but was very confident and at times spectators would see it as being cocky in the octagon.

He racked up 34 wins in his career, 23 by knockout and 11 losses and currently holds the longest title reign in the UFC at 2457 days.

At 45 years old, it’s incredible to see that he can still compete at the highest level in the sport which speaks to his skill and dedication to the sport.

That is why it was tough to see him go out the way he did last week just like how it is tough to see athletes who give their heart and soul to a sport near the end of their careers not performing like they use to.

However, even though it was a tough ending, Silva’s career is one of the greatest to have ever done it and he has definitely inspired and showed many people what commitment to greatness looks like.

Although Silva in his interview with Michael Bisping after the fight didn’t say that he was officially retired from the sport, Dana White did say that it would be Silva’s last fight in the UFC.

If that’s the case, thank you Anderson Silva for all the great moments in the UFC and congratulations on a legendary career as a UFC fighter!

-Mike Ye