Buy the Dip

Our Weekly 2 Minute Read

Edition 99 - May 24, 2020


They say while investing, to always "buy the dip".

It's a common phrase that investors use to purchase an asset when the asset is at a declined price but will bounce back in the future.

People spend hours and hours analyzing stocks and trying to predict the right time to buy the dip.

We saw a huge dip in the stock market in March.

Maybe you predicted it.

Maybe you didn't.

But what about "buying the dip" in real life?

Obviously, many of our day-to-day lives have changed from COVID-19.

The way we socially interact is different.

The way we go to the grocery store is different.

So many life-adjustments have been forced upon us that many of us can't function "normally".

Would that mean we are at a "dip" in our lives?

If we are at a dip in our lives, the more important question is, are you worth buying?

The one thing we have sacrificed for "safety" from the virus has been our independence.

Instead of going out on weekends and hanging out with family and friends, many of us find a lot of time on our hands.

And time is money.

But with a sudden increase in time, are you making good use of it?

The key to investing is finding an asset that is undervalued compared to its "perceived" worth.

Nobody can see what you are doing behind closed doors (literally your home door, am I right?)

If you're using this extra time to create value for yourself, then you're worth buying.

If you're using this extra time and wasting it away, well, then your "value" is exactly where it should be.

Today, we won't know for sure because we can't see your day-to-day.

But like all stocks, the results will come out and we'll all look back and analyze whether it was worth buying your dip.

Let's hope your investors thought it was worth it...

-Brandon Kuey