Do Your Part...

Our Weekly 2 Minute Read

Edition 104 - July 5, 2020


We're seeing the effects of when we become selfish.

Three months ago, we were told to stay home.

Three months later, we are being told to stay home again.

While other countries around the world are beginning to re-open, we're being told to lockdown again.

Did we open up the country too fast?

Or were we simply not doing what we should've been?

The thing is... we don't know.

Media throws in twists and turns.

"Professionals" in their industries are throwing their opinions.

But the reality is, nobody truly knows how to deal with a novel pandemic.

You ask 10 different people how we should be handling this and you'll probably get 10 varying responses.

In theory, we could do all the right things but still have the same results.

Unfortunately, this is the world we live in.

We must learn how to cooperate with one another.

We never know who may be living with high-risk loved ones.

We don't know who could be actively carrying this awful virus.

But what we can control is our own actions.

All we ask is that you do your part.

Find a way to help out your neighbors.

Find a way to help your current situation.

And hopefully, that will help you find a way to grow as a person.

-Brandon Kuey