Athletes Make How Much?!

Our Weekly 2 Minute Read

Edition 69 - October 27, 2019

October is the month of sports.

The World Series is here. Football is mid-season. Basketball and hockey's season are just beginning.

But many people don't like sports. They argue that these athletes are overpaid to play a "game."

Yes, it's true - professional athletes are paid a lot of money.

But let me tell you why they got it wrong...

Back in middle school, we had to do debates. I was put on the team that argued the exact context of this Boost - that athletes are overpaid.

Of course, I won the debate 😏, but ironically, I began to realize the opposite.

Athletes are not overpaid. They've earned it. They get paid for their worth.

Since diving into the fitness industry, there's a lot of effort that must be put in to be in prime physical condition.

To obtain extraordinary physical skills, countless hours must be put into physical training.

These athletes aren't born with Hercules bodies. They have to train for it.

Many of these athletes give up leisure, often at a young age. They give up going out with friends. They give up certain foods. All to have the chance of making it to the pro leagues.

The sad part? A majority of them never make it big.

Not many people are willing to undergo the same journey.

Then, they finally get their break. They make it to the pros. They get their paycheck.

The media portrays them a certain way. "X" player buys a Ferrari. "Y" player has a 14 bedroom house. "Z" player just took a 2-month vacation to the Caribbean. 

They portray these athletes as "spoiled."

But where was the media through the countless hours of training?

Nowhere to be found.

The most ironic part of it all?

It's the exact same way as entrepreneurship.