Finding the Good...

Our Weekly 2 Minute Read

Edition 124 - November 29, 2020

2020 has been a heck of a year.

Everybody had plans to turn over a new page in their book of life and start off the decade with a fresh start.

But then COVID-19 took over.

Many of those plans were thrown away or took giant turns.

We've navigated through uncharted territory in human history.

The reality is, it's not over.

In fact, it could get even worse.

Cities are shutting down again.

There's still political turmoil from the election and uncertainty around the leadership of our country.

We've been tested.

Each of us has faced new individual battles that we've never experienced before.

For some of us, our outlook on life has changed.

For others, we got a giant wake up call to get things going.

Yet as Thanksgiving just passed, there's still plenty to be thankful for.

The question is - can you find the good in a notorious year?

-Brandon Kuey