Focus on Your Strength...

Our Weekly 2 Minute Read

Edition 127 - December 20, 2020


Focus on the things you are good at and make them awesome. The things you are not so good at, just be competent at them. If you always worry about what you are bad at or just focus on your weaknesses and trying to make them good, you’ll just be average at those things. When one focuses on their strengths and doubles down on them, he or she will become awesome and the weakness can be over shadowed.

In areas of choice; such as being on time or being prepared, everyone and anyone can make drastic night and day improvements just by having discipline. However, in areas of strength or giftedness, at a certain point, you can make slight improvements that will separate you from the pack with consistent effort depending on how much talent you have in that area. It is also important that once you’ve figured out your strengths, you must position yourself to utilize those strengths and focus on them. Shaquille O’Neal would probably do best playing as a center while Kobe would do best playing as a shooting guard. It wouldn’t make since to make Kobe a center or Shaq a shooting guard because their areas of strengths don’t fit with the position. That’s an obvious example, but it makes sense to find out what you are good at and position yourself to tap into those strengths. The people that go in to areas that suit their talent or giftedness at least have a chance to be awesome at it instead of mediocre or at best average. Everyone has a gift, it’s up to them to figure out what that gift is and use it.

-Mike Ye