Happy Mother's Day!

Our Weekly 2 Minute Read

Edition 146 - May 9, 2021

We often get caught up in our daily lives.

Running to and from school.

Running to and from work.

Running to and from social event to social event.

But we can't forget about mom.

For a lot of us, mom was the one who helped us run to and from school.

Mom was there when we got our first job.

And mom was the one who helped organize social events for us as kids.

For some, mom may not be around anymore and it's a hole in the emotional spectrum.

For some, mom may have never been around, but there's been a different person who has been that mom figure.

Whoever it is - make sure to remember mom.

And for many who are already moms, today is your special day.

Thank you for all that you do.

Happy Mother's Day 2021!

-Brandon Kuey