How to Find Happy People According to a Chinese Billionaire...

Our Weekly 2 Minute Read

Edition 52 - June 30, 2019


If you had all the money in the world, who would you associate yourself with?

Last week, I gave you the biggest habit I observed from a Chinese billionaire. To build on that, my friend, Mark, relayed an ancient Chinese philosophy that his billionaire mentor often dwells on.

Translated to English, the philosophy states: “Mind and Body in One Piece.”

To further explain, often we find our mind wants one thing, but the physical body acts the opposite. To find our happiness, we must make sure that our body and mind compliment one another. To ensure our happiness, we must make sure that we surround ourselves with people whose mind and body are matched.

Take fitness for example. We often fool ourselves into thinking we will "get into shape." Mentally, we psych ourselves up - we plan out our workout times, we plan out our meals, and/or we plan out our workout buddies.

But often, our physical bodies don't match - we go home and eat junk food, we go out on the weekends and drink, and/or we skip workout sessions because life got in the way.

Our mind said yes, but our body said no. Our two well-being decision-makers contradicted each other, leading to a figure of unhappiness in our lives. 

This works in all aspects of our lives: our future careers, our family goals, our lifestyle choices, financial decisions, life partners... You name it, you can correlate it.

So it came in a full circle. I wondered why the Chinese billionaire invests hours and hours of his week thinking about life. It's because there are so many life decisions we must make in this world, and we only have time to make sure we make happy ones.