Is It Time to Change What We Teach Our Youth?

Our Weekly 2 Minute Read

Edition 42 - April 21, 2019

Lyneth Meng

The school system screwed most of us up. We were taught to work hard in school to get the best education. Otherwise, we will be forever doomed in life and can only work low-level jobs.

What the school system didn't teach? How to identify and extract important skills.

Yes, school is important. More importantly, learning is important. But school culture forced us to focus on grades. Instead of focusing on important and useful skillsets (team building, communication, problem-solving, etc.), we were led to memorize a bunch of useless information, only just to forget it 1 week after the final exam.

Yes, there are exceptions. Depending on your trade, some of this information is critical. But how much of it was actually necessary?

I have met so many people in medical school, law school, or dental school, who talk about how much they suffered in high school/undergrad, yet love their current profession. Isn't there a problem if it takes 25 years to finally love what you do?

As more millennials and Gen Z'ers enter the workforce, the "laziness" stereotype is being eliminated. We are fighting hard to make it happen. We have taken on enormous debts and work multiple jobs just to cover our basic needs. Then, when our "jobs" are over, we work even more on our hustles.

But what if we were taught this reality from the beginning? What if during elementary school we were taught the basics of business? I'm talking lemonade stands, beginner sales skills, or even the value of money. Maybe it is time to change what we teach the next generation. Then we can only see how things would be different.

-The boomski. Bros