Learning from 2020: Mental = Physical

Our Weekly 2 Minute Read

Edition 126 - December 13, 2020


There are many times in our lives where we often find ourselves taking a step back to zoom out of our day-to-day routine to reflect.

For many, reflection takes place prior to "New Year's Resolutions".

For others, it takes place on a daily basis.

No doubt, 2020 has been an unfortunate year for many.

But as we reflect back on the craziness, how do we use this past year to move forward into the next?

The mind and the body have to make sense.

In other words, mental decisions must correlate with physical actions otherwise uneasiness takes over.

Many in 2020 found themselves on an unforeseen unemployment line.

Yet for many others who were lucky to keep their careers, 2020 was still a "bad" year because of a mental yearn to be in a different position.

Similar in fitness.

Many wanted to start the decade off with a commitment to the gym, but when the gyms shutdown halfway through the year, the mental goal no longer matched the physical.

So 2020 has shown us that we have to adapt.

We can't predict the future.

We can only control our minds and our decisions.

And the best way to move forward into 2021 and maintain the happiness in our decision-making is to stay true to our core.

Follow the decisions your brain tells you and watch the physical follow suit.

-Brandon Kuey