My Lesson this Past Weekend from a Chinese Billionaire...

Our Weekly 2 Minute Read

Edition 51 - June 23, 2019

Running through life...



If you follow my personal Instagram account, you saw that I traveled to San Francisco last week with some friends. I'm very grateful to have friends that have deep connections to some very wealthy people. One of my friends is fortunate enough to personally learn from a Chinese billionaire (yes, billionaire!).

Ironically, this Chinese billionaire does not live the lavish lifestyle that you immediately picture. Yes, he has a nice house. More importantly, he seems like your average guy. He drives an average Toyota van. He has very little furniture. There's nothing in his exterior image that screams his actual net worth - which apparently is pushing eleven(!) figures.

Through my observations, my takeaway was this...

While he has the ability to live an extraordinary lifestyle, this man spends most of his time in his thoughts. The reason he has such little furniture and other materialistic objects is that he spends most of his time thinking. Every day, he wakes up and writes down what is on his mind. He literally dedicates a minimum of 3 hours a day to just thinking.

Our world is accustomed to doing things. We are always on the go. Whether it's our commute to work, our need to run errands, or figuring out what our next social engagement is, society has trained us not to think, but just do.

But, are we doing it wrong?

According to my social circle - based on the 1 out of 1 people who have a net worth of over 10 figures - that answer is yes.

Maybe we need to stop. Instead of always being on the go, maybe we need to take more time to think. Take time to slow down our lives and analyze/plan out our moves. 

This Chinese billionaire wasn't handed money. He worked hard and made his money through calculated investments. His investment strategy? The person who makes the least mistakes is the ultimate winner.

How do you make fewer mistakes?

Take time to think.