Never Leave it to the Judges...

Our Weekly 2 Minute Read

Edition 84 - February 9, 2020


UFC 247’s main event turned out to be an incredible marathon going the distance with Jon Jones defending his belt against Dominic Reyes.

Although Jones was able to defend his title, it was not without controversy.

In the eyes of many fans, current fighters, and even the President of the UFC Dana White, Reyes had done enough to have been champion that night.

It was a close fight where Reyes started off strong with a fury of strikes in the beginning. Jones was on his heels surprised at the volume of punches that Reyes was able to generate.

The announcers had questions if Reyes would be able to sustain this level of intensity the next couple of rounds especially since Reyes had never been in the 4th or 5th rounds in his career before.

The 2nd and 3rd rounds rolled around and it was for the most part a repeat of the first. It was back and forth exchanges of punch kick combinations with Reyes seemly getting the better of Jones while Jones getting a few takedowns slightly secured but with Reyes popping back up quickly. It was definitely compelling to watch the skill and technique of both fighters as they were battling hard to win those rounds.

As we moved into the 4th and 5th championship rounds, Jones seemed to have weathered the storm. Jones seemed to have more precision in his strikes against Reyes in the later rounds and dominated with takedown after takedown.

In the end, it was left to the judges’ score cards for the final decision. The tension was mounting because it definitely could have gone either way as everyone was anticipating an upset. It was a unanimous in favor of Jones and everyone was shocked. One of the judges scored the bout 49-46 Jones which raised many eyebrows.

Joe Rogan interviewed both fighters after the fight and both fighters believed that they had won. Jones showed Reyes respect and Reyes was gracious in defeat letting the world know that he is the future.

The fight game is always intriguing; two people pushing themselves mentally and physically in one of the purest forms of competition. The Ultimate Fighting Championship being one of the purest forms of combat sports.

If there is one lesson to be learned in last night’s fight, it is “never leave it to the judges.”

During the post fight press conference, Reyes was asked why did he think the Judges gave the 4th and 5th rounds to Jones. Reyes responded by saying he believe he had already won the first three rounds. He had never been in the 4th and 5th rounds before where most experts would consider those the championship rounds so he was more cautious. Reyes was expecting Jones to go crazy in the 5th with flying knees and spinning elbows so he changed his strategy the last round being more cautious by “sticking and moving “compared to the first three rounds.

Yesterday’s fight certainly shows that Reyes is going to be a dominate force in the UFC’s light heavyweight division. Although he was not able to secure the championship belt with a commanding performance, he did secure the respect of many fans and fighters. The 4th and 5th rounds provide us a lesson that one should always play to win. If the opportunity is there to become a champion, “never leave it to the judges.”