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Edition 119 - October 25, 2020


Smiling makes you happy.

According to research, even a fake smile can trigger the chemical reactions from the facial muscles to the brain that can cause someone to feel happy.

So the more you smile, the better your mood may become.

Ideally, the best case scenario is being able to train your mind to have a positive mental attitude where happiness is just a habit, and every smile you give can be genuine; however just like most things in life where entropy is likely to happen, happiness is like a muscle that needs to be trained and developed in order for it to stay strong.

The more attention you have at internally developing a positive happy outlook on life, the stronger that happiness becomes.

There can be two people with the same social status, same wealth and same health, but one could be the happiness person in the world who enjoys life and the other is miserable; that is all because of mindset.

Someone who has figured out how to think in a positive way is naturally going enjoy life.

If one were to choose to enjoy the life we have or being miserable, I would think most people would want to enjoy life.

In addition, according to, the feeling of being happy can reduce stress, improve heart health, develop stronger immune systems and improve productivity and longevity in various aspects of life.

But what happens when we don’t internally feel happy?

According studies, usually the physical action can ultimately affect the internals of the human body.

Just like smiling can help create a signal from the muscles on your face to the neurons in your brain, starting from the outside like smiling can be a good starting point to developing the internal feelings since there is more control over the external than the internal.

Eventually, as one begins to practice doing positive external actions like smiling or working out, the positive feelings will follow.

The trick is to be able to hone these feelings internally with the right mindset so that the positive effects can be felt externally as well.

-Mike Ye