The Doubters

Our Weekly 2 Minute Read

Edition 158 - August 8, 2021


The USA men’s Olympic basketball team was scrutinized early in the Olympic Games when they quickly lost two of their first exhibition matches.

They were expected to blow away the competition since their team consisted of all-NBA players up and down the roster.

But what they lacked at the beginning was teamwork.

Three of their beset players had flown in a few days prior to the games due to the NBA Finals.

So they really didn't have a chance to gel together.

People claimed they didn't have that killer instinct.

They claimed they were now soft.

They claimed the USA team didn't have heart.

But there will always be doubters.

It's easy to be a naysayer behind a keyboard.

The hard work comes from the guys who spent the hours of practice in the gym and on the court to make the team work.

So forget what the naysayers say.

Focus on what you need to.

And like the USA basketball team, maybe you'll find yourself walking away with the gold.

-Brandon Kuey