The Number One Feeling I Felt After Our Launch Party...

Our Weekly 2 Minute Read

Edition 73 - November 24, 2019

I normally take these two-minute posts to post something motivational or inspirational.

But with Thanksgiving coming up this week, I thought I'd take moment to say, "Thank You".

There's a lot of newcomers to our Boost post, especially after our most recent BCAA launch party (which by the way, will be available on Black Friday weekend 😄).

So let me start by saying thank you to the newcomers.

It was super awesome to meet everyone and to all of our new friends, thank you for attending our event and we hope you had an awesome time and continue to follow our journey...

To all of our old friends, thank you for continuing to support us.

Seriously. Many of you go above and beyond to help us.

You travel to come to our events. You take ugly (jk, they're all wonderful) gym selfies and tag us on social media. You help us set up and tear down events.

But most importantly, you continue to be our friends no matter how irritable we are because we didn't take our pre-workout.

Without you, we can't be where we are at today.

Trust us, we notice.

And we don't take for granted your continuous friendship and support.

So we continue to grow. We continue to work hard every day with you all as our motivation.

You're beginning to see the tipping point. New products are coming. New flavors are coming.

All coming based on the feedback of our favorite supporters.

Supporters just like you.