The Key Ingredient to Your Rocket Scientist Life

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Edition 72 - November 17, 2019


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Ever seen a rocket launch from the surface of the Earth up into the sky, past the atmosphere and into space? It is probably one of the most astonishing feats in human engineering.

As the fuel in the gas tanks propel the rocket into the sky, you see the focus and intensity of the blast generating enough force as the rocket slowly propels its way up from the surface. As it reaches higher and higher into the sky, you can see the momentum picking up and the speed kicking in.

The resistance in the sky becomes less and eventually there is enough momentum to carry the rocket past the Earth’s atmosphere and into space.

Rockets encounter most of the resistance to their motion near the Earth’s surface. The higher up they get, the thinner the air gets. Thus the resistance gets lower and so it gets easier to move up as the rocket gets higher. Once the rocket reaches a certain point past the Earth’s atmosphere, there is enough momentum to allow the rocket to get to orbit.

The hard part is creating the momentum.

A consultant in our organization once said that focus plus intensity over time creates momentum. You won’t see the results in one day, one week or even a month. But with enough focus and enough intensity, over time you create the momentum you will need to reach your goal. The larger the goal, the more focus and intensity you must bring to the table. And over time, you will start to see results.

John Maxwell says momentum is the great exaggerator. When you have momentum, it helps a leader do anything and everything more easily. When you don’t have momentum, you look worst than you really are.

In Maxwell’s book The 5 Levels of Leadership, to create momentum you must become a production level leader. In this stage of leadership, credibility is earned because you are the example. You produce results. You bring home the bacon. You invest the money. You take the risk. You score the points. You make the assists. You are the one who makes things happen. When you start showing the way to productivity, you start living based on your performance instead of just your potential. You actually walk the walk. You create a proven track record.

Great leaders constantly communicate the vision of the organization clearly and creatively. Production level leaders are able to communicate the vision through actions. They set the standards for others visually. They bring clarity and reality to the vision.

Once you start caring and being intention about your results as well as the results of your people, you start to create small victories in your organization that will take you closer and closer to the overall vision.

In anything in life, momentum is hard to create. You can do something with focus and intensity for one day, but if the next day you don’t have that same level of focus and intensity, you will never create momentum. This applies to anything in life; education, health, business, relationships. This is especially true in rocket science.

So whenever you feel like you’re not creating any momentum in your life. Try to focus on the right tasks, add a lot of intensity when you do the task, apply this formula every time you do the task and over time, you’ll start to see momentum take its course.