The Loss of a Living Legend and Perfect Example of Greatness...

Our Weekly 2 Minute Read

Edition 83 - February 2, 2020


Today is the Super Bowl.

In the United States, today is the day of one of the most-watched events in television history.

As much as I would love to discuss the Super Bowl, last week we all woke up to another major event in sports history - the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant.

Even if you're not a basketball fan, you know who Kobe Bryant is.

His stories are legendary.

With his recent parting, countless other stories from former players, teammates, and friends are coming out, further elevating his legendariness.

But Kobe meant something special to me...

Kobe represented the idea that hard work and self-discipline can truly establish greatness.

Sure, Kobe was a naturally gifted athlete.

But, so are so many other athletes in the world.

What differentiated Kobe's athletic ability was his drive to wake up at 4 AM if you were waking up at 4:15 AM.

His drive to workout an hour before you and for you to know it.

And the greatest part about it all?

He was able to translate his "Mamba Mentality" to other aspects of life.

Post-basketball, he ran multiple successful businesses.

He mentored so many other athletes around the world.

He even produced feature films - one of which won an Academy Award.

But more importantly, he leaves this world as what he would say is the most important - an extraordinary father.

So, thank you Kobe.

Although many of us never actually knew you, your example made us feel as though we did.

Thank you for setting the example for all of us.

Thank you for showing what it means to be "Committed to Greatness".