The Right Move by Baseball??

Our Weekly 2 Minute Read

Edition 142 - April 11, 2021

Baseball season just started and one of the biggest story lines was the relocation of the 2021 MLB All Star Game.

Major League Baseball and the commissioner's office chose to relocate the All Star Game from Atlanta, Georgia due to the recent law that imposed restrictions on election voting in the state.

Whether you agree with the new law or not, it's a powerful statement by a professional sports league.

It's a bold statement on an issue that is arguably not even related.

But we saw it before with the NFL and kneeling during the anthem.

We saw it with BLM and the NBA jersey names.

So it seems as if it's now baseball's turn.

Whether sports and politics should be intermixed is a different topic, but it's clear the establishment of a solid platform gives a voice.

And to be fair, voices should be heard.

With so much attention being drawn to sports, sports platforms around the country should use this attention to bring awareness.

Because awareness causes change.

And ultimately, change leads to progress.

-Brandon Kuey