The World as We Know it...

Our Weekly 2 Minute Read

Edition 91 - March 29, 2020


There's no denying that the world has changed from coronavirus.

Yes, there's been other diseases; however, this one's been different.

Our behaviors have been forced to change.

Businesses are forced to closed.

People are forced to isolate themselves.

But what will be the impact going forward on how we interact with one another?

A change in human behavior has already made an impact on the world.

Dolphins and fish are reportedly swimming through Italian canals.

Los Angeles reported clean air for three weeks in a row.

Even animals around the world are beginning to venture more and more into the suddenly open cities.

Even crazier?

This may only be the beginning.

I read an article from a frontline nurse who is in charge of providing ventilators to those who have been infected.

It's only the beginning of the curve and hospitals are already out of ventilators.

What will happen if it gets to the point where she has to decide who lives and who dies by simply giving the ventilator to one person over the next?

If push comes to shove, humans can get nasty.

Human behavior shown in those post-apocalyptic TV shows we all love may soon become a reality.

So, is this a wake-up call that we desperately needed or simply a way the world is creating a survival of the fittest environment?

Let us all hope it's not the latter and we can find a way to bring life back to the world as we know it.

-Brandon Kuey