To Play or Not to Play?

Our Weekly 2 Minute Read

Edition 103 - July 21, 2020


With first the outbreak of COVID-19 and then the social protests surrounding the "Black Lives Matter" campaigns, 2020 has introduced new events into the professional sports world.

The basketball season was cut mid-season with a return questionable.

We missed out on March Madness.

Professional baseball was supposed to start months ago but is delayed and maybe even canceled.

But with the possibility of the NBA coming back, some of the NBA players may be refusing to play in order to take a stand.

But should they play or should they not?

There's no question that professional sports in America are a great platform for getting a message out to society.

We saw it with the national anthem kneeling by Colin Kaepernick.

But will sitting out and refusing to play games create a bigger message or a bigger mess?

There's arguments for both sides.

On one hand - players refusing to play will bring a lot of attention to the cause and put the league as a whole on notice.

On the other - players could use these moments in press conferences to preach their messages and use the money they earn to donate to causes.

Unfortunately, there is no right or wrong answer here.

Fortunately, both sides of the argument are bringing attention to the movement.

There may not always be the "right" solution to a problem and every person will have his/her own opinion.

I see it every day in business.

We're seeing it every day in real society.

But as long as we continue to make progress, we can continue to work together to evolve and become a better world.

-Brandon Kuey