What are people saying behind your back?

Our Weekly 2 Minute Read

Edition 43 - April 28, 2019

boomski. x DLACRX x Eat Mad Bun

As you saw on Instagram, we recently had the pleasure of collaborating with a few local companies around Southern California. We were introduced to them through our mutual friend and new marketing guy (announcement coming soon!). Heading into the event, we did not know anyone - except that this group of people was very tight-knit.

And it was true.

For it being their first event, their crew rolled out. But what stood out - the amount of openness and genuine interest that they had in one another and in others. Together, they were building a community.

We were also introduced to another business owner who embraced the same values. The openness and immediate acceptance left behind such a good impression. Through these guys, we realized how much the world is interconnected. Although the two of us never met, we knew a lot of the same people. All with good things to say.

Some of you may know, I had a part-time job that I just left. Although it paid me well, I realized there was a major lack of integrity there. Other companies refused to work with my old company because of past issues. I won't detail it for privacy reasons, but the reputation followed my old boss around - even after a company name change. So I had to leave before I was grouped in.

It made me realize the importance of a reputation. Two recent events with two completely different reputations. You can imagine which group of people that you would rather work and build a relationship with.

Everybody will say nice things to your face, but the question is, what are people saying behind your back?