What do Kanye West, Johnny Depp, and Jennifer Aniston All Have in Common?

Our Weekly 2 Minute Read

Edition 56 - July 28, 2019


Quick. What do Kanye West, Johnny Depp, and Jennifer Aniston all have in common?

...Yes, they're all in the film industry. But, I bet you didn't know that they all started off with the same background in a completely different industry.

I saw an article the other day titled, "The No. 1 job billionaires and multimillionaires held before they got filthy rich."

Article TLDR?

The number 1 job...


We can tell you from experience - sales skills are very vital to communication. All three of us started off in door-to-door sales, and through that experience, we have all drastically become better communicators. 

Sales is not about the sleazy guy with slicked-back hair who will tell you anything and everything until you agree to buy what he is slinging. Sales is about understanding and listening to a person to find out IF and HOW you can help him/her out.

More importantly, it forces you to be uncomfortable. We've been rejected thousands of times. Yet it doesn't stop us. You learn to push forward, no matter how uncomfortable you may be.

Learn how to be uncomfortable. It forces you to get better.

Like the articles says, "the more you [practice sales], the stronger you get."

After all, if Kanye can do it, so can you.