What Happens When You're Already The Best?

Our Weekly 2 Minute Read

Edition 44 - May 5, 2019

My friend Mark recently sent me an article from Victor Cheng's blog titled, "Being the Best vs. Your Personal Best". Immediately, I thought of weightlifting.

Our business is heavily involved in the fitness industry, so naturally, I've met many people that are into powerlifting. Two years ago, I never understood the mentality of a powerlifter. I always thought, "why are these people working so hard to lift an extra 10 pounds?"

Now that weightlifting has become a habit, I get it. It's not about being a "show-off" or a gym rat. It's about pushing yourself to your limits to become the best possible version of yourself.

But as Victor mentioned, what happens when you're already the best? If you're Usain Bolt, who do you compete with to be the fastest person in the world? If you're Amazon, who do you compete with to become the largest online store?

Answer: You compete with yourself.

My karate instructor used to tell me there are 10 other guys in the studio working hard to beat me. So he never let me lose focus. That's how our studio became so dominant in tournaments.

The question: can you add a tiny fraction of skill today so that you are better than you were yesterday?

There's always a white rabbit to chase. If you're the white rabbit, focus on staying ahead of the pack and continue to set the pace.