What We Should Bring on Thanksgiving...

Our Weekly 2 Minute Read

Edition 74 - December 1, 2019

The “First Thanksgiving” was celebrated 398 years ago to celebrate the success of the first harvest that that brought 90 Native Americans and 53 Pilgrims together in a three day feast with games, military exercises and diplomacy amongst the two sides.

A festival that later became tradition and a national holiday allowing people a time to practice celebrating together with a feast in the spirit of being thankful and grateful for one another.

Although history is complicated between the Native Americans and the Pilgrims, a simple message was clear during the First Thanksgiving; that people have the capacity to set aside their differences and come together to celebrate a successful year.

The Native Americans gained access to muskets and cannons for hunting and protection while the Pilgrims gained agricultural knowledge to harvest on the native land. Both groups were able to see opportunity and benefits of working together rather than working against each other. An unlikely friendship occurred between two unlikely groups.

I am definitely grateful that the Native Americans and Pilgrims started the tradition of Thanksgiving as it is a holiday that shows how people from different walks of life can come together as friends instead of enemies.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays as it brings together family and friends I have in my life from different walks of lifeto celebrate with joy and gratitude. It reminds me to have gratitude for the people in my life and be thankful for the opportunity to celebrate together with them. It also makes me think about all the little things I am thankful for in life and how to be grateful for them.

John Maxwell says in order to be thankful you have to be “thinkful.” When you start thinking about all stuff you are thankful for, gratitude starts to appear. Maxwell also says gratitude is often the least expressed, but one of the most important virtues to show. Don’t forget to express your gratitude after cultivating it. It is hard to be unhappy when you have gratitude and express it. It is also great to be in a room with people who have the virtue of gratitude.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that reminds me to have gratitude.

I hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with great company, great food and gratitude!