Why Are You Insecure? Maybe it Comes From This Little Daily Habit...

Our Weekly 2 Minute Read

Edition 58 - August 11, 2019


Some of us wake up at 5 AM. Some of us wake up at 11 AM. But we all start the day the same way - waking up.

The question: what is the first thing that goes through your mind once you wake up?

For many, the first thought is the "snooze" button.

Sometimes, it's immediate panic of being late.

Those thoughts carry over to our actions, and almost always, those actions seem to snowball...

...You know what I'm talking about - Those days you wake up late. Then, you somehow hit every red light on the way to work. Great, while driving you spill coffee on your white shirt. And somehow, your supervisor happens to catch you stumbling in 10 minutes late. Oh, and you haven't even been awake for more than 30 minutes...

Yes, those days.


On a daily level, it happens. But for many of us, an even worse habit happens on an annual level.

We lie to ourselves.

We tell ourselves things are going great when 💩is hitting the fan -

"I love my job."
"I'm not doing bad financially."
"I have great relationships with (insert person here)."


Unfortunately, we're just fooling ourselves. We're afraid of tackling the issue head-on when it's easier to brainwash ourselves into thinking things are fine.

Yet day after day, you compound those mini-lies to yourself. And things only get worse because you fail to realize the obvious.

You get replaced by a cheaper graduate at work. Your landlord raises your rent. You haven't talked to (insert person here) in 3 months.

So before the hypothetical becomes reality - stop.

Stop lying to yourself.

Identify where you are insecure and lead yourself to discover the truth.