Why Google Translate is My New Best Friend...

Our Weekly 2 Minute Read

Edition 93 - April 12, 2020



In the past two weeks, the picture above is what my screen has looked like many times throughout the day.

Yes, I'm Chinese.

But no, I don't speak or read the language.

So Google translate had become my new best friend.

But why am I so interested in translating Chinese text?

My good friend Mark has introduced me to a Chinese platform (think a Chinese version of Twitter) where we are both able to follow and read posts from a successful investor.

While neither of us has ever physically met the man, we follow him because he meets semi-annually with someone we all know - Warren Buffett.

Our logic leads us to believe that if you can meet with Warren Buffett, you're probably doing something right.

Recently, he wrote a post about investment strategy.

In a way, it was kind of cheesy.

But if you really think about the message, it provides a new perspective.

Many people are caught up in investment strategies - looking at P/E ratios, reading financial statements, or even day trading.

They dive so much into the financials that they often forget about a big part of investing...


One of his recent articles posed a hypothetical -

Imagine your life is a company.

Knowing what you do every day, would you invest in yourself and the resulting outcome 20 years from now?

Think about it.

In the majority of companies, the single most valuable source of information is the CEO.

In this case, you are the CEO.

And as the CEO, you dictate the decisions of your "company" every day.

So if were to hypothetically extrapolate your CEO-made decisions and compound them day over day, what would the value of your company be 20 years from now?

For some, the answer brings a sense of pride.

For others, the answer is a scary thought.

But at the end of the day, if you're not willing to invest in your "company", then why would anyone else?

-Brandon Kuey