Why is it Easier to Commit to Others but Not Yourself?

Our Weekly 2 Minute Read

Edition 47 - May 26, 2019


Last weekend, I went to my buddy Raymond's college graduation. Ironically, we've known each other almost an entire decade when we first entered college together. And no, it didn't take him 10 years to graduate... he was getting his second degree in nursing!

Both of us have gone through a lot of changes in recent years, which made it fitting that the keynote speaker was Stephen M.R. Covey.


Stephen M.R. Covey is the son of Stephen Covey, the author of the famous book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Following in his father's footsteps, Stephen M.R. Covey also wrote a book of his own.

During his keynote, Covey talked about commitment. In our world, people have a much easier time making commitments to others over themselves. We see it all the time - commitments to grab a bite to eat with a friend, commitments to babysit a friend's kid, commitments to call mom/dad.

But why is so hard to keep a commitment to yourself?

According to Covey - a lack of trust.

It's easier to trust that someone else will follow through on his/her commitment as well. Almost like accountability, if you commit to grabbing dinner with a friend, you subconsciously are aware that your friend has made the same commitment.

But when you make a commitment to go to the gym by yourself, it often falls through because you don't actually trust yourself to go.


It fittingly ties in with boomski.'s message: Committed to Greatness.

Are you really willing to commit to becoming a better version of yourself? If there's any doubt, maybe it's that you don't trust that you can actually get there.

If so, find a way to outsource that commitment. Find a buddy who's got your back regardless of what you do so that you can grow together. Next thing you know, time will fly, you'll journey through life for an entire decade, and end up at your buddy's second graduation :)