Why I've Been Learning to Golf...

Our Weekly 2 Minute Read

Edition 81 - January 19, 2019


If you follow my personal Instagram, you've probably seen a good amount of golf pictures on my story in recent months.

I never was into golf and I always thought it was a boring sport.

Until I tried it out.

At first, it was just something relaxing to do with friends.

We would hit the driving range, whack a bucket of balls, and call it a day.

But then my friend who works for a Chinese billionaire put a new perspective on it...


You see the Chinese billionaire also plays golf.

He's not the greatest golfer, but he practices often and plays frequently.

A major part of golf is the networking that comes with playing.

But golf is often associated with the networking aspect.

So the Chinese billionaire offered a different perspective: Golf and Financial Investments require the same skillset.

Both require an extreme amount of discipline.

Both require an extreme amount of patience.

But more importantly, the winner in both is the one who makes the least amount of mistakes.

To win in golf, a golfer should try to hit as straight of a shot as possible every time.

Every golf swing that results in the golf ball falling to the right or left is a setback.

Similarly in investing, the person who chooses the right investment every time will become financially successful.

Investing in the wrong asset will quickly become a setback where often you see people having to reinvest just to make their financial shortcomings back.

And so, I'm learning to build those skills.

Learning to develop discipline.

Learning to identify the right investments.

And of course, learning how to get a good score in golf to beat my friends :)