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boomski. Mission Statement

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A note from the boomski. brothers:

We’re just your “average Joes” who combined our love of fitness, health, and business to create boomski. What started simply as three guys going to the gym to get in better shape, turned into a company with the goal of motivating others to unleash their greatness.

Starting in 2018, we sought out to create a product to help people with their physical well-being. Our founders believe that everyone has the potential to unlock their greatness and this is our way of demonstrating ours. So this is the part of the website that we’re supposed to talk about us and say something cheesy… but let’s face it, all three of us are Asian and lactose intolerant, so we can’t.

Most of all, we would like to thank all of our supporters and mentors. Thank you for providing us with lifelong lessons and our goal is to pay it forward. Therefore, our mission is to help people discover their inner potential and help them achieve maximum greatness. Our “CAN-I” attitude – constant and never-ending improvement – shows in everything we do. We hope our story can inspire you to start yours!

-The boomski. brothers

 The boomski. Bros


Read about us, the co-founders:


Brandon Oudomsouk

Brandon Oudomsouk

Drawing inspiration from his hometown in Tennessee, Brandon is a bodybuilder and Instagram supermodel. Once one of the top sales managers at a large health and nutrition chain, Brandon’s expertise in dietary supplements and fitness products is essential to the product development for boomski. When Brandon isn’t training and dieting, you can find him eating Korean BBQ or taking selfies to show off his gains.


 Michael Ye

Mike Ye

After studying psychology and managerial economics at UC Davis, Mike went on to be the nation’s top sales representative for a Fortune 500 company. He specializes in sales processes, recruiting, and business-to-business account management. Consequently, Mike plays a key role in boomski’s finances and international business development. In his spare time, you will find Mike working on cars, watching anime, or clubbing at Mansion.


Brandon Kuey

Brandon Kuey

Originally from San Diego, Brandon went on to study pharmaceutical sciences at UC Irvine. As a result, Brandon published scientific papers on the effects of one’s diet throughout aging processes. Brandon’s background is in many business operations with various forms of telemarketing, digital marketing, and face-to-face customer acquisition. For recreation, you can find Brandon rooting for the Chargers, camping at the beach, or admiring Mike Ye’s biceps from afar.